Why choose our Pre-school?

The pre-school stage, between the ages of three and five, is a magical time of exploration and discovery. At The Co-operative Pre-school we aim to provide a smooth and positive transition for your child, offering the fun and excitement of nursery along with the more structured approach that comes with school learning.

Your child entering pre-school comes with its fair share of emotions, for both you as the parent and for your child. As a parent you probably have little knowledge about what pre-school offers.  

At The Co-operative Pre-school we will offer guidance to parents to help navigate this exciting and challenging time in your child’s life.

Our pre-schools will give your child the same learning experience as that of a school, together with a sensitive and responsive approach to each child’s needs.

Key benefits of attending The Co operative Pre-school:


• Core opening hours 7:30am to 6:30pm

• Consistent care 52 weeks of the year

• A ratio of 1 Early Years Practitioner to every 8 children

• Graduate staff

• First uniform and book-bag provided

• Healthy meals and snacks

• Extra-curricular activities

• Commitment to The Co-operative’s DOES values of Democracy, Openness, Equality and Social Responsibility

• Bike riding classes

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