Supporting Transition

Starting school is a huge change in a child’s life, so we do all we can to make it a smooth and happy experience. Your child’s Key Person will build a relationship with your child’s school, ensuring that his or her EYFS outcome is shared and that the teachers who are going to work with your child know everything that might be helpful during the transition and after.

Our transition resources include:

• Photographs of all the local schools that children may attend, and of the people likely to teach them

• Group story sessions

• PE lessons

• Self-serve meals

• Visits by older children already at school, who can talk about their experiences

• Books about school

• Structured learning

• A school-readiness month following a timetable of school-related activities

• Graduation party and pictures

• Visits to schools wherever possible

• Extra-curricular activities

• Teacher / Key Person meetings with parents

• Sample uniform

• Support meetings for parents

• We provide parents with the information on how we support children’s learning and the EYFS

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