Little Pioneers

Because our values are important to us we want them to be important to our children so we do all we can to help them understand why Democracy, Openness, Equality and Social Responsibility are values to trust.

We do this with the help of 5 children, Ping, Ebo, Alice, Charlie and Ela or the Little Pioneers as they’re lovingly known. Each of these children represents one of our values and they visit our nurseries to show children how they can make their own choices, share their feelings, include everyone and make a difference in the world.


Ping represents Openness

“We tell each other nicely how we feel

Ping is 4 years old. She was born in England, as were her mummy and daddy, but a lot of her family live in China. She knows a few Chinese words and her grandparents taught her that the co-operative motto in China is ‘Gung Ho’ meaning ‘work together’. She loves to work together with her friends to make sure everyone has fun and is happy. Ping is a good listener and feels it’s very important that every child has an opportunity to say how they are feeling.


Ebo represents Social Responsibility

“We care about each other and the world”

Ebo is the youngest of the Little Pioneers, just  2 years old and a new addition to The Co-operative Childcare family because he’s just moved here from Ghana. In Ghana his mummy and daddy had jobs as cocoa farmers and they’ve taught him much about Fair Trade. At Ebo’s nursery he learns about all the different ways people can look after each other and the world, sometimes he brings in his old toys to nursery so that he can recycle them or give them to other children who don’t have as many and that makes him feel proud.


Alice represents Equality

“We know everyone is special, so am I”

Alice is 3 years old and very caring and loves spending time with lots of different people. She has a sister who lives with her and her mummy and then on the weekends her daddy brings her other sister and brother over to play. Alice loves having such a big family because there is always someone for her to play with. At her nursery she has books written in different languages and some of her friends can speak these languages, Alice loves the opportunity to learn from these other children and can say ‘hello’ in a number of languages . She is very popular and has lots of friends who she loves all the same because they’re all good at different things and she always finds something fun to do with each and every one of them.


Charlie represents Co-operation

“We join in and play together all as one”

Charlie is the oldest of our children and is nearly 5 which means he’ll be be going to school soon! He’ll be sad to leave nursery as he has been going there since he was a baby. He’ s learnt a lot at nursery and is now in the pre-school room so he spends a lot of time visiting the younger children teaching them to share their toys, like he does, and showing them how to count. Charlie likes it best when everybody plays together as it makes games more fun.


Ela represents Democracy

“We let everybody talk and have their say”

Ela is 3 and a half and is named after her Great Aunt, Elaben Bhatt, who lives in India. Ela wants to be just like her when she grows up, she is a lovely lady who helps lots of poor people and started a bank in Sewa, just for ladies to use. Her mummy thinks that Ela is already like her aunt because she loves to help all her friends and make sure that all the games they play are what everyone wants to do, she is focussed on making sure everyone has fun together. 

So now you’ve met our children we’d love to meet yours! Call 0800 954 0669 to book your nursery visit.

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